Animals that Year 4 Science

 Can you see them among the leaves ?

  They are leaf insects that camouflage...


These are grasshoppers.  They camouflage too.

The seahorse looks like a seaweed. It is a way of camouflaging itself as it lives among the seaweeds.
The common pygmy seahorse, have a shape, size and colour that allows them to blend in perfectly with their coral habitat.
The thorny seahorse, changes its colour to blend in with its surroundings.

The chameleon camouflages itself to its surroundings.

The tree frog camouflages itself to its surroundings.
 The moth camouflages itself to the colour of the dry leaves and tree bark.

Can you see the owls on the tree ?
They camouflage themselves to look like part of the tree.
The hare and the polar bear too camouflage themselves to the colour of their surroundings. The fur of the snowshoe hare turns white during winter and turns rusty brown during summer.

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